1. We focus on the two active skills of speaking and listening. We strongly believe that once you can speak reasonably well, your writing will be immensely better.
  2. Our small class strength of 4 – 8 participants helps us concentrate on the learners more and help them learn better.
  3. We let you discover the language for yourself. This increases the fun quotient and you learn quickly and retain for long whatever you learn.
  4. Our firm conviction is the more you speak and listen, the more you learn. That is why you get to speak in the class right from day one. So, you leave the class with a feeling of heightened self-confidence.
  5. After the class you can sit in the Centre, chat with your peers, and practice the language learnt.
  6. You learn English the same way you learnt your mother-tongue. This means we don’t believe in translations. You listen to English èrespond in Englishèlearn English.