The staff is very well trained and the way of Teaching is different from others. It’s more practical than a theory class.
We also have group discussions, audio-video exercises, presentations and many other things that increase self confidence. TELW has a leg-up on the other institutes in terms of teaching.
In terms of price, it’s somewhat half the price what we got in well named institutes. What you are getting in this price is satisfactory.


  • 4 (Max.) students per batch
  • Home like environment
  • Friendly staff 
  • Way of teaching and make things clear to the students is their first priority
  • Presentations, AV exercises
  • Teaching material is really generous

I’ve not seen any, till now (If you find one then let me know)


  • You’ll never find a workshop like TELW
  • Anyone can join the workshop with very high standards at this price
  • In my personal point of view. I like it very much
  • In a birds eye view, it’s something you need to join to improve your English & Confidence.


The teacher is very frank with students. He’s best teacher I’ve ever had in my past.The way he taught me was very different and there were only 4 students per class & I think that’s cool as each and everybody gets equal and more of their time to get their doubts cleared. I gained a lot of confidence in my day to day communication. For me, best institute & best teacher.


I have studied from TELW for 1 month.(to improve my communications skills as well as to prepare for placement interviews)

  • Tutor at TELW is one of the best faculty I ever had.
  • Very experienced.
  • Clear concepts of teaching:
    1-study materials
    2-audio and video recordings
    3-Group Discussions
    4-one to one interaction (max. 4 students in a class)
  • Personal advise

Don’t select institutes by their brand names. Only teacher matters and his efforts…rest things are unnecessary.


The course was very great! The trainer was very good. I can now speak with more confidence. I like the materials I got.


I had taken Manu’s classes on Presentation Skills just before I was to travel abroad for an educational course. His command over the English language, his commitment towards his students, the video recordings and feedback sessions helped me immensely in improving my Presentation Skills. I recommend (Manu) to anyone looking to improve quickly in this area. — Piyush Chawla, Ex CEO, Vikas Publishing