General English Series

This series of courses helps you improve your speaking skills over time. It focuses on improving the fluency, accuracy, and variety in your spoken word. Your improved command over the English language helps develop your personality and confidence.

Specific English series

This series helps you focus on specific situations you face in your work or business, like:


Who needs it?

Anyone who writes emails or letters in the course of their work.

How does it help?

You will be able to plan, design, and write emails effectively, to increase their clarity, impact, and professionalism. You learn to draft and organise clear, direct, positive, reader-centred, and logical emails in authentic real life business contexts.


Who needs it?

Anyone who needs to develop their presentation skills, speak in front of groups or sell ideas to others.

How does it help?

You will be able to tailor your presentation to your audience in a powerful and convincing way. You will learn to structure your address and manage the impact convincingly, deal skilfully with difficult questions and situations—in short, turn yourself into a skilled presenter.


Who needs it?

Anyone who negotiates in a business context.

How does it help?

You will be able to learn the language necessary to negotiate in English effectively and powerfully. You will learn to present proposals and counter-proposals, accepting or rejecting them, taking care of obstacles, and finally wrap up the deal.


Who needs it?

Anyone wishes to appear for job interviews.

How does it help?

You will be able to learn the verbal and non-verbal language necessary to present yourself, including your strength and weaknesses, at interviews, maintain your cool during the interviews, and end the interview appropriately.


Who needs it?

Receptionist or customer service executives, the first point of contact for their customers and suppliers, who make and answer calls on behalf of their organisations.

How does it help?

You will be able to make and receive telephone calls with an appropriate level of politeness in a business setting, attend challenging calls while maintaining a high degree of customer care, and generally improve telephonic interactions with an enhanced level of clarity and professionalism.

Drop in at our TELW to get to know more about these courses and how we can help you.


melbourne-business-school-students-2_lightboxThe general problem business houses face is poor communication skills among its employees. Lost sales, dissatisfied customers, incorrect interpretation of messages, the list goes on. People fumble after the first two or three set sentences. TELW helps the corporate deal effectively with this issue. We analyze the training needs, tailor the program, deliver it effectively, and measure and report the progress.

Working Professionals

We know you are a busy lot. So, we have special weekend and early morning and late evening classes. You have specific business/work related needs. We have the means to help solve iron out your issues. Be it problems with writing emails, making presentations to superiors, peers, or clients, negotiating with just about anybody, and so on. Drop in at the Workshop and know the details.


You need to comprehend and be comprehensible, present yourself effectively and forcefully, and generally speak effortlessly and articulately. Your need for clearing job interviews are now foremost in your minds. Come to The Workshop and let us find out how we can help you.


othersThis is a very huge group and covers essentially a huge majority of the rest of the populace. The basic requirement for learning is you must have cleared the 10+2 examination and know how to read and write English. Come to us and feel the rise in your confidence, let go of your inhibitions, and walk out feeling stronger and more liberated with English.

Our classes will be from Mondays through Fridays as follows:

Mornings Evenings
8:00 to 10:00   5:00 to 7:00
10:00 to 12:00   7:00 to 9:00

Depending on the demand, additional time slots can be included.