At TELWThe English Language Workshop we help you improve your English speaking skills. You develop your ability to speak and understand the spoken English word. You become part of a small group and engage in activities like casual chats, formal / business conversations, presentations, debates, discussions, and negotiations to develop your speaking skills.

You start speaking English from the very first day. It is like swimming. You jump into the water. That’s all. Thereafter, the teacher takes care of everything else. In the end, you:

  • Speak with improved accuracy,
  • Pronounce the words correctly using the proper sounds,
  • Express your thoughts clearly and precisely using suitable pitch and intonation,
  • Use your body language effectively to enhance your delivery,
  • React and respond appropriately, and keep up the conversation,
  • At a higher level, use idiomatic and other expressions that help you sound graceful and effortless, and learn to distinguish the finer hues of the language.

Generally, our spoken English classes help you to become a more effective communicator in English.

Apart from spoken English we also provide specific English skills useful in dealing with your work or business related situations.