TELWThe English Language Workshop is a venture that seeks to spread the ability to use the English language among the people of Delhi. Our aim is to make sure that the people of Delhi NCR do not lose out on the opportunities for a better and happier life because they don’t know English.

At TELW we strongly believe that proper and natural communication through language learning is important for a successful and happy life and career, and to achieve your greatest potential. Unless you communicate properly, you cannot succeed.

The idea of TELW came out of an innate and intense desire to make English non-exclusive and non-elitist, available to all and sundry. Of course, we expect you to have the basic reading and writing skills and to have cleared at least Class XII.

To provide a constructive and fun-filled environment in the classroom, and an encouraging setting outside to practice what you learn, to help you learn faster and retain better

To present an interactive and stimulating learning environment using theoretically sound methodology

To help you use the language in the classroom in a variety of ways like casual conversations, presentations, debates, group discussions, meetings, interviews, surveys, and role-plays, aiding you use the language as close as possible to the situations you face in real-life

To make the program student-centred to help learn the elements quicker and retain them longer

This way we empower you to learn the language yourself and become lifelong learners.

TELW’s training method revolves around the core concept of training people to use English practically and naturally. You will be encouraged to use the language in all possible situations you may come across. We always interact with you in English, encouraging you to do so, as well. We use an attractive mix of role-plays, casual conversations, interviews and surveys, presentations, debates, group discussions, and meetings.

We design the courses to include typical workaday settings, using their simulated versions to practice and sharpen your communication skills. The classes have a maximum of six to eight participants.

What we do, is first know how much English you know. Then we help you learn the new language components to take you to higher and more advanced levels from where you are. The course is designed taking into account the needs of the individual learners and the dynamics of the class.

During the course itself you are given real-time feedback on your performance so that you know how you have improved your language skills at the end of each class.

Specific needs

At TELW we understand that you may have some work related needs, like specific English for making presentations, attending or conducting meetings or interviews, writing business emails or reports, or simply making deals or mediating. We help you there as well.