TELW—The English Workshop is an attempt to get the learner how to speak English naturally. Whether you need a job, study better, or simply move up the social ladder, you need to improve your communication skills. And we are there for you.
We help you:
• Speak with improved accuracy,
• Pronounce the words correctly using the proper sounds,
• Express your thought clearly and precisely using the pitch and intonation,
• At a higher level, use idiomatic and other expressions to sound graceful and unforced,
• Generally become a good communicator in English.


Our training method revolves around the core concept of training people to use English practically and naturally. You will be encouraged to use the language in all possible situations you may come across. We will always interact with you in English, and encourage you to do so, as well. We use an interesting mix of role-plays, casual conversations, interviews and surveys, presentations, debates, group discussions, and meetings.

We design the courses to include typical workaday settings, using their simulated versions to practice and sharpen your communication skills. The classes will have a maximum of six to eight participants.

What we do, is to first evaluate your present level of English. Then we help you learn the new language components to take you to higher and more advanced levels.

We sit down with you and design the course and its contents.

As your course progresses, you get real-time feedback on how you progress. In other words, you can tell how much you have improved in each class.


Read what our students have to say about us.
“I had taken Manu’s classes on Presentation Skills just before I was to travel abroad for an educational course. His command over the English language, his commitment towards his students, the video recordings and feedback sessions helped me immensely in improving my Presentation Skills. I recommend (Manu) to anyone looking to improve quickly in this area.” — Piyush Chawla, Ex CEO, Vikas Publishing

Why join us?

1. We focus on the two active skills of speaking and listening. We strongly believe that once you can speak reasonably well, your writing will be immensely better.
2. Our small class strength helps us concentrate on the learners more and help them learn better.
3. We let you discover the language for yourself. This increases the fun quotient and you learn quickly and retain for long whatever you learn.
4. Our firm conviction is the more you speak and listen, the more you learn. That is why you get to speak in the class right from day one. So, you leave the class with a feeling of heightened self-confidence.
5. After the class you can sit in the Centre, chat with your peers, and practice the language learnt.
6. You learn English the same way you learnt your mother-tongue. This means we don’t believe in translations. You listen to English respond in English learn English

What will you get here?

1. How to speak fluently and confidently
• You learn the structures and vocabulary related to your language level.
• How to start, carry forward, and end conversations
• How to present your thoughts and ideas with confidence
• How to be assertive and polite
2. How to make simple presentations
You learn the general structure of presentation that will help you put across your thoughts and ideas clearly, correctly, and effectively.
3. How to improve your personality and confidence with English. How to present yourself with self-assurance and poise.
4. How to become a more effective communicator.

What will you get here?

1. Speak clearly, accurately, fluently, and with confidence.
2. Present your information assertively and effectively.
3. Increase your confidence at you workplace.
4. Negotiate with your peers and boss powerfully.
5. Add value to your interpersonal skills with a powerful language like English.
6. Interact with your internal and external clients successfully.
7. Communicate effectively and add significant value to your employer.

What will you get here?

1. You speak with your children’s teachers at Parent-Teacher meetings
2. You meet people at your husband’s office parties and need to chat with them
3. You help your children with their homework

Chatting in English with your children will expose them to the world of English. This will help them adapt more easily.

You learn how to greet people, respond to their greetings, exchange ideas.

You learn to speak comfortably, confidently, assertively, and politely.


The staff is very well trained and the way of Teaching is different from others. It’s more practical than a theory class.
We also have group discussions, audio-video exercises, presentations and many other things that increase self confidence. TELW has a leg-up on the other institutes in terms of teaching.
In terms of price, it’s somewhat half the price what we got in well named institutes. What you are getting in this price is satisfactory.

• 8 – 10 students per batch
• Home like environment
• Friendly staff
• Way of teaching and make things clear to the students is their first priority
• Presentations, AV exercises
• Teaching material is really generous

I’ve not seen any, till now (If you find one then let me know)
• You’ll never find a workshop like TELW
• Anyone can join the workshop with very high standards at this price
• In my personal point of view. I like it very much
• In a birds eye view, it’s something you need to join to improve your English & Confidence.

The teacher is very frank with students. He’s best teacher I’ve ever had in my past.The way he taught me was very different and there were only 4 students per class & I think that’s cool as each and everybody gets equal and more of their time to get their doubts cleared. I gained a lot of confidence in my day to day communication. For me, best institute & best teacher.

I have studied from TELW for 1 month.(to improve my communications skills as well as to prepare for placement interviews)
• Tutor at TELW is one of the best faculty I ever had.
• Very experienced.
• Clear concepts of teaching:
1-study materials
2-audio and video recordings
3-Group Discussions
4-one to one interaction (max. 4 students in a class)
• Personal advise
Don’t select institutes by their brand names. Only teacher matters and his efforts…rest things are unnecessary.

The course was very great! The trainer was very good. I can now speak with more confidence. I like the materials I got.


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